1.1. The Lessor is entitled to:

1.1.1. Require the “Lessee” to return the Vehicle and pay the default interest prescribed by the Agreement in case the “Lessee” fails to meet the time limits for payments for the rent of Vehicle.

1.1.2. Require the “Lessee” to pay the fines of violation of the road traffic rules made during the period started from the moment providing the Vehicle the latter to returning the Lessor, as well as to confiscate completely the damages made to the Vehicle or a third party’s life or health.

1.1.3. If the Lessee uses the Vehicle not according to the conditions or means of the Agreement he/she is entitled to cancel the Agreement unilaterally.

1.2. The Lessor is obliged to:

1.2.1. Provide the Vehicle to the Lessee in good order, corresponding with its purpose – for exploitation.

1.2.2. Provide the Lessee with the technical passport of the Vehicle and other documents which are necessary for exploitation of the Vehicle.

1.2.3. Undertake the major repair works of the leased Vehicle at his/her own cost.

1.2.4. Make mandatory insurance of the Vehicle at his/her own cost.

1.3. The Lessee is entitled to:

1.3.1. Require the Lessor to provide the Vehicle in the defined.

1.4. The Lessee is obliged to:

1.4.1. Maintain the Vehicle in proper order, including the ongoing repairs during the whole period of the leasing.

1.4.2. Manage the Vehicle and its commercial and technical exploitation internally and at his/her own cost.

1.4.3. Pay the costs related to the maintenance, including the costs of exploitation, as well as the costs related to the commercial exploitation of the Vehicle including the costs of the fuel and other materials used during the exploitation and payments of charges.

1.4.4. Use the Vehicle according to its purpose and meaning.

1.4.5. Not to exploit the Vehicle, if it can be subjected to danger, damaged /because of difficult passage and other causes/,

1.4.6. Not to hand the Vehicle over to sub-lease or other people for exploitation without the consent of the Lessor.

1.4.7. Fully recover the material damages caused to the Vehicle because of his/her guilt /car accident or other cases/

1.4.8. Pay all the fines imposed on the leased Vehicle for violations of traffic rules at his/her own cost.

1.4.9. In case of Agreement cancellation, return the Vehicle in a good order as it was received during 1 hour taking into account the normal fear and tear exploitation.

2.1. Lessor: Arbitrade Limited Liability Company, hereinafter referred to as the Lessor.

Location of the Lessor – Gulbenkian Street 35/1, N 2, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) of the Lessor: 00176781.


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